Paula Russell

    Paula is the Industrial Hose Product Manager for ERIKS North America. She has 20 years of experience in managing national and global industrial brands, with prior roles that have gained her experience in both the manufacturing and distribution of industrial hose.

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    Posted at Mar 10, 2020 9:23:48 AM by Paula Russell

    Hose Failure Behind the Hose Fitting and Incorrect Crimping

    Have you ever had a hose “bubble” right behind, or very near, the fitting? 

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    Posted at Mar 5, 2020 9:10:28 AM by Paula Russell

    Does Your Industrial Hose Supplier Know the Hazards of Steam Hose?

    Your industrial hose supplier should be aware that tube erosion (typically called the popcorning) in steam hose is most pronounced in hoses on the market which have tube of inferior rubber. The popcorn effect is what destroys a steam hose and the steam network. It is also what can injure workers when a hose fails. Popcorning destroys steam hose from within and the effect occurs when:

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